Adding more passion, purpose, and joy in peoples lives everyday.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for interest in volunteering for Joyocity. You (our volunteers!) are the heart of Joyocity and you’re vital to our mission. There are so many ways you can helps us spread joy. No matter your skill set or lack there is a volunteer opportunity for you. Your talents and passions will help inspire so many who have been lost and may be suffering. Volunteering will bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life as well.  What matters is what we do with our passions. Fill yourself and others with joy, doing what makes you come alive.

  • Presentation Location Procurement Volunteer
  • Presentation & Class Coordinator & Scheduler
  • Presentation Team Support
  • Class Aide
  • Presenter Volunteer
  • Presentation Technology specialist
  •  Videographer/ Photographer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Recruiter
  • Volunteer Orientation Specialist
  • Volunteer Programs Director
  • Community Marketing
  • Outreach Volunteer
  • Office support Volunteer
  • Website Maintenance Volunteer
  • Website Design Volunteer
  • Website Content Volunteer
  • App Specialist Volunteer
  • Visual Editing Volunteer
  • File Clerk Volunteer
  • Event Coordinator Volunteer
  • Event Videographer/ Photographer
  • Event Invitation Specialist
  • Event Marketer Volunteer
  • Event Director volunteer
  • Event Sales Volunteer
  • Event Designer Volunteer
  • Event Check-in Coordinator
  • Event Technologist Volunteer
  • Event Creation Specialist
  • Event Set-up/ Pack-up Volunteer
  • Parking Attendant Volunteer
  • Business Fundraising Volunteer
  • Corporate fundraising volunteer
  • Fundraising at-work Volunteer
  • Raise Your Way Volunteer
  • Campaign Volunteer
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising Volunteer
  • Organize Fundraiser Event Volunteer
  • Grant Writing Volunteer
  • Facebook Monitor Volunteer
  • Facebook Manager Volunteer
  • Facebook Comment/ Post Responder
  • Facebook Picture Creator
  • Facebook Content Writer
  • Instagram Monitor
  • Instagram Manager
  • Instagram Comment/ Post Responder
  • Instagram Picture Creator
  • Instagram Content Writer
  • Pinterest

Presentation Location Procurement Volunteer– helps locate communities, neighborhoods, businesses, doctor offices, churches, and other organizations where presentations can be held and are needed.

Presentation & Class Coordinator & Scheduler– helps find presenters, schedules them, and helps maintain the schedule.

Presentation Team Support– helps sign participants in an helps them find where they need to go, make name tags, give handouts, help set up before presentations and pack up and organize after.

Presentation Aide Volunteer– assist presenter with courses/ classes by helping put the presentation together, helps bring in and/ or set-up the items needed for the presentation, helps present to participants (if wanted by both presenter and aide). Click link to see different presentation options for you.

Presentation Volunteer– helps us give fun, informative, and creative presentations. Give a presentation about what inspires you. Your inspiration can instill joy in others. Click link to see different presentation options for you.

Presentation Technologist Volunteer– helps with getting all the technology/ electrical components of a presentation set up and keep it running smoothly. (i.e., set up microphones, speakers, projectors, computers, PowerPoints, etc.)

Presentation Videographer/ Photographer Volunteer– records and takes photos of participants and presenters at courses and classes. Helps with editing of videos and photos.

Volunteer coordinator– helps position volunteers and helps with orientation.

Volunteer Manager– head of specific group of volunteer. Helps schedule volunteers and them with questions volunteers may have while volunteering.

Volunteer Recruiter– help bring us more volunteers by going out in communtites or wherever you feel there is an oppurtunity to recruit more volunteers.

Volunteer Orientation Specialist– helps insure the orientation sessions for volunteers run smoothly, is up to date, and stays fun!

Volunteer Programs Director– help us make sure all of our volunteers questions and concerns are met and act as a mentor.

Community Marketing Volunteer– are you a social butterfly and love to meet new and interesting people every day? We would love for you to help promote Joyocity’s mission in communities, businesses, colleges, and wherever you feel Joyocity can inspire others.

Outreach volunteer– have great people skills and are kind and passionate about spreading joy? Help us promote Joyocity’s mission by spreading the word throughout communities by handing out flyers, making signs, and any other way that you feel will help our mission.

File clerk Volunteer– helps organize sort and manage our papers and filing systems electronic and paper to help things run smoothly.